Brandon Katcher
Lost Summit Films
Reel 2017

Featured Works

Circular Resonance (Feature Documentary) – Director, DP, Editor, Music
Truth is Beauty (Short Documentary) – Director, DP, Editor, Music
Something Horrible (Feature Narrative) – DP, Co-Producer
For Dad (Feature Documentary) – DP
The Underdogs (Documentary Series) – Director, DP, Editor, Music
Jason Elkin Uncorked (Travel Reality) – Director, Editor, Music
A Gentle Walk (Feature Documentary) – Director, DP, Editor
The Village of Peace (Feature Documentary) – DP
Telos (Feature Documentary) – DP
WET: Wine, Entertainment, Tasting (Series – DP, Editor, Music
Touro – Osteopathic Medicine (Promo) – Director, DP, Editor, Music
Calaveras County Families (Promo) – DP, Editor, Music
RockNapa (Promo) – DP, Editor
Signorello (Commercial) – Director, Editor, Music
Elliston Winery (Commercial) – DP, Editor, Music
SolarWeek 2015 (Promo) – Director, DP, Editor, Music
San Leandro Career Pathways (Promo) – Director, DP, Editor, Music
YCID 2015 (Promo) – DP, Editor, Music
Tahoe Timelapse – Outdoor Project – Director, DP, Editor, Music
Powerhouse Company Culture – DP, Editor, Music
Color Run, Salt Lake City – Additional Cinematography, Editor
Actuate – Actuate One (Commercial) – DP
New Balance – Right to Light (Commercial) – Additional Cinematography, Editor, Music
Zeparella – When the Levee Breaks (Music Video) – DP
Stars Turn Me On – (Music Video) – DP
Sex Fight Live – (Music Video) – DP
Lilo Speaks: A Memoir (Feature Documentary) – DP, Editor