The Village of Peace

Title: The Village of Peace

Date: 2014

Location: Israel

Position: Director of Photography


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The Village of Peace follows the lives of four individuals who are part of a unique community known as the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. Through their personal interviews and daily documentation, we come to understand the history, beliefs, and everyday practices of their society as a whole, and the people who comprise it.
The Black Hebrews were originally African-Americans from Chicago, who in 1967 began a two-year migration through Liberia, to their current home in Dimona, Israel. The Hebrew Israelites started practicing their beliefs, and eventually embarked on their exodus, amidst the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Roughly 300 people made up the original migration, yet within 40 years over 5,000 Hebrew Israelites now reside in Israel. The Hebrew Israelites hold to a polygamist lifestyle and vegan diet. Their community is self run, self governed and self educated. They hold themselves to a higher standard of life with intense focus on health, family, and enlightenment.


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