A Man Alone

Title: A Man Alone

Date: 2006

Location: Syracuse, NY

Position: Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design


A man has spent the last three years in self-imposed solitude. After finding a body
in the woods, he is forced to face his fears and re-enter civilization. But something has
changed. He finds a deserted campsite, followed by miles and miles of empty road.
Where has everyone gone? What has happened here? Does it matter?

This short narrative film was written, filmed and edited in 2005 and 2006 in part for my Senior thesis at Syracuse University. It was shot in 16mm, and edited digitally. The film is available for free download.

CLICK HERE for the High Quality Download.


If you are interested in getting the film on DVD, they are available for $6 (+S/H). The DVD includes a high quality version of A Man Alone, plus two other short films created while at Syracuse University, titled Sleep and A Video Diary. The DVD also includes a cinematography review, a photography portfolio, and examples of three of my music tracks. Please email me at bkatcher@lostsummitfilms.com for more information.